DeepBlue Security Solutions has the experience to deliver a meaningful security program that fits each customers’ needs and budget. We have the passion, experience and Industry knowledge to offer security solutions that continually offer value.

Clients consistently state the importance of a locally experienced security company with responsive management. DeepBlue Security Solutions is a true locally owned security company delivering flexible, responsive, personalized service with extensive industry knowledge. 

Many national security companies claim to have "local focus” yet in reality have one manager with limited autonomy responsible for servicing 30-40 clients, resulting in delayed decision making due to multiple layers of disconnected structure.  

DeepBlue Security Solutions stays directly engaged with our clients and our people. We offer a unique option of local responsive management with years of experience in the security industry. 

  • A Responsive, agile service culture adjusting swiftly to our client’s business initiatives and market changes.
  • Ability and knowledge to spend the necessary time evaluating your security needs and offering real contemporary security solutions. 
  • Strong ties to community security and safety efforts.
  • In-depth security industry resources and partnerships on a local, regional and national basis.
  • Knowledge of security market, security solutions, and technology. 
  • Engaged Management, responsive and flexible.
  • Swift decisions and timely changes to immediately meet your expectations. 
  • Security staff competence and training.

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