An equally important component of our service model is our People. Our security officers are the cornerstone to delivering meaningful service. To achieve our mission of continually enhancing our client service delivery it is critical we utilize the acronym S.T.A.R to Select, Train, Advance, and Recognize, our security officers.

Select: Through a detailed screening process, we select security officers that have the required skill-set to perform for each respective client.

Train:. DeepBlue Security Solutions validates that our security officers know how to proficiently perform their duties through mock drills and practical application testing. We embrace the concept that learning is about repetitive action, validation and testing. 

Advance:  We are committed to advancing our security officers skill set, knowledge and expertise. DeepBlue believes in empowering our security officers to make decisions to deliver meaningful service.  

Recognize: We put great emphasis on recognizing our security officers for their performance and commitment to delivering meaningful security service. 

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